Things are bad on Idaho university campuses—they’re teaching our young people to hate America. Colleges promote socialism and Marxism; rewrite history, and portray Idahoans as racists. 

Like in colleges across the country, Idaho university students are conditioned to apologize for being white, shut up because of their gender or race, and crusade against American ideals of tolerance, free speech, opportunity for all, and free markets. And it’s destroying our country. 

It’s all being done with your taxpayer dollars, which pay lavish salaries woke administrators, professors, and programs to teach students that everyone (literally: everyone) who disagrees with Leftist ideas—for example, if you favor small government and the free market—are racists in a racist system.

It doesn’t have to be this way: People like you and I can fix what’s wrong on Idaho’s college campuses. We as Idahoans need to return our state to ideals of free speech, tolerance, and grace; the values that make our state a good place to live and let live. 

Imagine the possibilities. What if Idaho becomes the first state in the country to stop the radical political indoctrination on our college campuses? Could it help save America? Could we inspire other states to follow Idaho’s lead? We think so. 

That’s why Idahoans need a win on higher education activism in 2021. Tell your state elected officials to get the ball rolling.

Sign the petition below to tell Idaho lawmakers it’s up to them to end the anti-American programs on campus:

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